boom and bust cycle

When we get busy, the first thing often to get dropped is marketing! In every economic downturn I’ve lived through, I’ve seen the same mistake being made. In desperation to save money when business is falling, many bosses choose to chop the marketing budget. The marketing team are slashed and their funds severely depleted. Many business fold at this time because – guess what? – sales drop dramatically and cashflow is strangled.

What is the boom and bust cycle?

Obviously, because you never over-treat, you can often bring a patient back to health in just a few treatments and off they happily go. So it is vital that you maintain a robust marketing strategy to avoid the boom and bust cycle. However what tends to happen all to often is that once you get busy doing what you love, the marketing takes a dive.  Once the marketing stops, patient numbers begin to fall and suddenly you’re at a critical point where you’re looking at next week’s diary with panic setting in!

Then the frantic marketing begins and you can feel desperation setting in. The bills are piling up and you’re wondering how on earth this has happened yet again.

But how do you stop the boom and bust cycle for good?

In your Osteobiz, marketing is a staple: just as fruit and veg are to your diet! Without proper nourishment, your business will fail to thrive.

You know full well that it’s unwise to binge on fruit and veg for a while and then revert to biscuits and cake! Likewise your Osteobiz needs a steady flow of nutritious fodder to keep it healthy.

There are three things you can do to keep your Osteobiz thriving:

    1. Buy a notebook specifically for marketing and keep it on your desk. Make notes about what you hear patients often say. Jot down advice and tips which you can share with potential new patients which demonstrate your skills, knowledge and passion for your work.
    2. Aim to post something on your social media at least once a day – try first thing in the morning or later in the evening when dinner is done and the kids are in bed.
    3. Your marketing messages are not one trick ponies! Re-use your posts and re-post your blogs. Because of the nature of social media, most people will not have seen them before. Keep the message laser focused and add a strong call to action!

So remember – every time you pick up an apple or a handful of walnuts think marketing! Reflect on your day so far and think about something you’ve advised a patient. What misconceptions have you heard which you could put right? What sort of advice do you trot out to patients over and again which you could share with your potential new patients?

Right there you have some valuable marketing messages to share with your community. In that moment, pop a post onto your social media and a link to your website or even schedule it to go out later.

No more boom and bust cycle for you my friend!

Osteobiz Success Formula

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