time offHaving just forced myself to decide on some actual time off this Christmas, I’ve been reflecting on why I struggle with this

Why don’t I like taking time off?

Do I think I’ll miss out on something?

Do I worry that someone needing my help will be left hanging?

Or am I just fearful that I don’t have much else to fill the time with?

Do you struggle to take personal time out away from life’s demands?

I recently added up my working hours…

I was rather surprised to find that, including my fun Saturday job selling houses locally, I actually work a minimum of 60 hours per week!  I had no idea. All I do know is that I love my work but my weeks do fly around like rotators on a helicopter!

I had to be very firm with myself to decide on time off. I had to ensure that I took more than just the festive period. It needed to be a better break than that. Because I really need to down tools, regroup and reboot!

But most of all I need to give myself permission to STOP and take time off!

Only by stopping our regular routine, can we pause and reflect on our habits.  Maybe we will spot ways to become more efficient, maybe we will have a great new idea or maybe we will realise what changes need to be made in an area of life which is less than perfect.

So over the festive period I shall be looking at where I can be of better service to Osteopaths. I will see where I can improve systems to save me time. Then I will take some time to book a memorable mini break with the Old Boy who has a milestone birthday coming up on Valentine’s Day!

Time off gives us an opportunity to reflect

Meantime I am sure that I will have made enough space to allow new ideas to flow in, new courses I could provide and new nuggets of wisdom to share.

Whilst we all settle down with family at this time of year, let’s also take time off to settle down with ourselves; walk, practice yoga, allow space for our intuition to flourish, for our energy to replenish and for us to return to full health.

Indeed time off to just ‘be’ is a vital gift to give ourselves, not only for self-preservation but also the growth of our business.