Some months ago, the British School of Osteopathy asked me to take part in their Osteopathic Refresher.  Held annually in early September, the BSO select expert speakers in diverse subjects and create a weekend of 8 varied workshops designed to give participants a booster in each topic.

ExpertAmong the speakers this year, expert Jennie Morton will be discussing the specialised treatment of performers and Dr David Parry will be leading an anatomical refresher.

I’m really excited to be given this opportunity to share some useful tools and explore ways of building a Practice that is congruent with the owner’s vision.

In particular, we will be looking at why having a strong online presence with a focused website and lots of social media interaction is key in attracting your Perfect Patients, as well as finding out who they are for each individual Osteopath.  All the large companies have dedicated expert teams, posting, liking and tweeting day and night.  These days the small business owner also needs to ramp up their online efforts if they want to maintain or increase their patient list and their business.

I believe that the days of bland scattergun advertising are gone and, as I’ve said before now, building relationships within our communities is paramount in creating a lasting and strong business.

Interestingly, whilst your community is local to you, my community is global and online.  Some of you I have met through my work with The Rollin Becker Institute, most I have ‘met’ online and we’re happily working together and some are even as far away as New Zealand!

In my case then, coming out from behind the laptop to deliver an interactive workshop is, let’s say, unleashing the dreaded mind monkeys!

So to counteract them, I’ve taken action to quell their negative chatter and brought in an expert in delivering effective workshops.

A very dear friend of mine, who is a key member of the government’s bid to modernise its departments, regularly devises workshops in a bid to engage staff and improve efficiency.  I’m not entirely sure, however, that the ‘grey suits’ are ready for her level of fresh and innovative ideas!  She has a uniquely disarming way of creating clarity of thought in a team and finding logical measures to streamline their workload.  Personally, I can’t think of a better girl for the job!

Whilst we’re on the subject of streamlining, where in your business (and Associates this applies to you too as you try to increase your bookings) do you need some expert help in some aspect of your operation?  Sometimes, it’s cheaper and less draining to farm out some of the work involved in creating a successful Practice.  I strongly believe that a business owner should be thoroughly focused on the front end of the operation whilst the minutiae of daily housekeeping could well be dealt with by the engine room, be that by onsite staff or with expert virtual assistance.

Getting back to the Osteopathic Refresher, yesterday I ran through my workshop with Fiona and her expert suggestions shaped my ideas into a much sharper class!

I’ve packed in plenty of thought provoking content, exercises, tools, tips and guides.  We’ll be starting bang on time at 9am on Sunday 7 September.  So if you’re coming along, I’d suggest popping into Starbucks next door beforehand because, believe me, we’ll be jumping straight in!

Let’s face it, if we have to be in London that early on a Sunday morning, we might as well have fun whilst we work!


[I’m thinking of rolling out this workshop to your regional groups.  Contact me ( if ‘Five Quick Tools to Grow Your Practice’ would be beneficial to you and your local colleagues.]