the curse of knowledge

The curse of knowledge!

After the success of the Osteobiz Shoestring Marketing course, I’ve been wanting to create another more advanced course. I started thinking about all the techie stuff I could share and all the marketing strategies I could teach.

But it wasn’t until I got out there into the field and ran my Osteobiz Roadshows and taught a class at the BSO recently that I understood something fundamental.

Doh – I had the curse of knowledge!

I had forgotten what it’s like not to know what I know.  Marketing our businesses has dramatically changed over the past few years.  I came to realise this when I was marketing CPD courses for the Rollin Becker Institute some five years ago.  So I put myself on a dead basic online marketing course and a whole new world opened up for me.  And what I learned changed my thinking, changed my strategies and ultimately changed my life because a while later my Osteobiz brand and work became my life!

And that made me think about you.  When you’re trying to explain Osteopathy, are you forgetting what it’s like not to know where your sacrum is?  Are you forgetting that most people didn’t pay attention during Human Biology classes at school? Are you forgetting that your passion for anatomy and physiology is unlikely to be felt by most of the population?  (Sorry to have to share that…)

Whilst I was on holiday in mid-September, I did a whole brain dump onto paper whist the Old Boy brought me endless cups of tea!  It was then that I realised that I needed to go back to the fundamentals.  Very quickly I mapped out the building blocks of marketing in this modern era with simple steps to take on social media to begin to create online relationships.

Gradually, these relationships do begin to transform into customers.

I guarantee it.  In two years, I haven’t spent a single penny on advertising.  All my business has been brought about by building relationships online, giving away free stuff, getting out in front of my target audience, giving great value for money and being a passionate advocate for Osteopathic treatment.

Having launched my new Osteobiz Backbone Basics course in the past few days, I can see from the immediate uptake that indeed I needed to get back to fundamentals. I needed to remember what it’s like not to know what I know now. I needed to ensure that as many Osteopaths as I can reach understand the absolute basics of attracting new patients.

So, in your own social media marketing, brochures and website pages, have you paired back your terminology, language and explanations to meet the needs of your potential patients? Will they understand what you’re talking about? Will they even know WHY they would benefit from Osteopathic treatment?

The acid test? Find a person who doesn’t know what Osteopathy is and see what they make of your marketing materials.  What do they understand from what they have read? Only then will you know if you have the curse of knowledge!