Jos Drew

Do you sometimes wish you had a colleague to bounce ideas around with? Where there is no judgement and an enthusiasm for your success and the success of the profession as much as you have?

My role within Osteobiz has organically grown into one I am very proud of. I am here to support you every step of the way to reach your goal of your ideal practice. This could be setting up organised and efficient practice management systems, to giving you a safe place to share your emotions that can often overwhelm us when trying to run a busy practice and personal life too.

I draw on experience of a nomad living and working overseas. This has meant I have started and grown many practices from scratch with very limited resources. Each one, I have loved being a part of and the lessons I have learnt have been invaluable.

In working with us you will also get to know my mad Spaniel Oga. He often likes to join in our conversations and make his presence felt!


Ellen Kotze

Hi I’m Ellen, I am passionate about the importance of your website. It’s the shop window for your business and you want people to come, look around and decide that your business is right for them. I want to help you do that.

I work within the holistic sector. Why? Because I am so passionate about the amazing work you all do. It is truly awe inspiring and I know your online presence is not showcasing that to the best. More people need to know about the amazing work you do and I am on a mission to make this a reality within the online space. 

I understand what is needed to create a unique website fully bespoke to you and how the design process can be a daunting one! Therefore, I always strive to make it the best experience from start to finish.


Seraiah Western 

Hi my name is Seraiah, I am a trainee accountant and have been working in an accountancy firm for the last four years. In addition to my accountancy exams I am also qualified as a Xero Certified Advisor, this being the add on accounts package which links into Cliniko.

My father has been an osteopath for over 30 years and so I have grown-up around osteopaths and other therapists and I first had osteopathic treatment when I was a baby. I’m a great fan of allied and complimentary therapy and have more insight than most people I guess as to how a medical clinic works. I have always had a special interest in IT and I personally set up the computerisation of my parents multi practitioner clinic so as to use the system Cliniko, Mailchimp and Rehab my Patient. In doing this I trained the reception staff and assisted the osteopaths. I look forward to using my skills and experience to help other practitioners move forward with computerisation and Cliniko.


Alister Booth

Hi, I’m Alister. I’m an Osteopath by trade, with many years experience. I joined Gilly’s Osteobiz team as Head of Content after working with them for a year to help grow and develop my own practise. I acquired my fathers large, multi-disciplinary clinic after he retired in 2014. After a few years of running it how he had, I decided I needed to make it my own, developing my animal Osteopathy business along-side. This is when I found Gilly and I haven’t looked back.

Using my design skills, I was making some great content and getting a lot of engagement on my social media pages; the clinic patient numbers sky rocketed. I love being creative. Gilly saw this in me and asked me to start making a few images for her, to promote Osteobiz. Now I’m making all sorts of posts and content for the whole Osteobiz family – and loving it!

I am based in Norwich and live with my partner, our daughter and our four dogs, yes four! I am very involved in the LGBT+ community and a true advocate of equality and diversity. When I’m not in clinic or behind a computer screen, I can be found in the boxing gym or enjoying the beach with the family and dogs.