I’ve been digging deep in August, pounding those Osteopathic pavements and thinking up new ways to help you to build the kind of business you want.

Even though many of you have been/are away, I’ve had a record number of massively encouraging emails, likes, comments and compliments.  After Tuesday’s somewhat personal blog about how discouraged I felt after discovering that a very slick competitor was going after ‘my’ precious Osteopaths, I got a huge amount of warm words from many of you.  And it quite took me aback.

Knowing how that has spurred me on, I thought I would pay back the compliment. A kind of mutual backslapping if you like.

So, if you ever have a bad day, some grumpy patients, poor bookings, too few thank you’s, cancellations, no shows, feeling overworked and underpaid or just feeling pretty unappreciated, remember this:

Well done you!

Well done you!

If you could measure the amount of pain you fix in one day, how much would that be?

How much pain to you relieve in one month or even in one year?

How many smiles do you put back on pained faces?

How many joints do you ease into better mobility?

How many painkillers do you save your patients from taking?

How many muscles, tendons and ligaments do you gently repair?

How many limps do you remove – and where do you put them?!!

It’s a lot isn’t it?

Thank you.  You’re truly awesome!

Just saying.