Those who are most progressive in their business marketing are constantly working towards attracting more people into receiving regular contact via e-newsletters etc.

Those business owners will provide tips, advice, articles, blogs and even Q&A’s in order to keep their ideal customer interested and informed.

HandshakeThe point is that these ideal customers are likely to be the type that, when they have a need or are ready, will remember the relationship that has been building up with that business.  They are then much more likely to retrieve a previous email, pick up the phone and buy.

But it struck me today that it’s not something that I’ve generally come across in the world of Osteopathy.  However, cultivating relationships with people who haven’t yet come to you for treatment can really make sense.

For instance, if your perfect patients are sportsmen, you would be providing an excellent service by attracting local footballers, tennis players and golfers onto your subscription list.  Indeed, by sending out advice about injury prevention, stretches, healthy eating for optimum performance etc you would, over time, be building up a trust.

There is no bamboozling going on here or any unprofessional behaviour.  But if you think about it, many of the type of perfect patients who you really excel at treating will not even know of your existence or your skills.  Like many people, they will probably just assume that you only treat the ancient among us with bad backs!

So when you visit your local business office to talk ergonomics or the enthusiastic rugby team to talk about the impact of tackling on their bodies, pass round a clipboard and collect their names and email addresses.  They are free to add their details or not.  And they are also free to unsubscribe from subsequent email contact from you too, should they decide to.  In essence you are giving them complete control over whether they allow you to be in touch or not.

All the while you will be giving them great advice about taking care of their bodies and advising them of the benefits of Osteopathic treatment.  Equally, you are building awareness of your particular skills, areas of specialism and expertise.

If and when the time comes that they need your help, they are more likely to come and see you than trawl through the unknown and untrusted options found by Google.

This is a highly cost-effective way of keeping in touch with prospective and existing patients.  Most importantly, it keeps you top of mind when they do have a need.

In fact, I strongly believe that these days:


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