website copy

Your website copy could be directly related to how fully booked you are!  But writing text which resonates with your potential patients is no mean feat! It’s far easier to write about what you do know for a fact.  Some fill up the pages with huge paragraphs all about them, their training and a dull list of conditions they’re ‘allowed’ by the authorities to say they treat.

The trouble with that is twofold. First, that website copy is going to be as dry as your Grandma’s elbow and secondly, it’s not taking into account the needs of the reader.

You see a person who’s ended up on your website will have arrived because of a need they have. They will have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Now if your website copy does not offer any solutions, I must break it to you that within 5 seconds they will have given up on you, reverted to their search results and tried somewhere else!  Not really what you expected huh?  Goodbye potential new patient!

Why does your website copy matter?

Imagine: it’s late at night and you have a raging toothache. Having recently moved to a new area you’re online and urgently hunting for a new Dentist. You’ve landed on the website of the nearest chap. There are no images so you don’t know what the place looks like let alone what he looks like. After all he is going to be closer to your face than you’d allow most strangers and rather intimate with your mouth too! You start feeling slightly uneasy.

There’s a long boring list of his qualifications and you begin trudging through huge swathes of small text.  He rambles on about how many parking spaces he has, and lists his CPD courses and then lists what he treats. You yawn and the pain in your mouth flashes hotter but you’re just not sure about who this chap is.  You don’t know whether he’s any good or even if you can trust him to do a competent job. There’s no testimonials or reviews and nothing to hook you into booking. Indeed it’s 11pm and he only has a mobile number to call to book in. Well you can’t ring that at this time of night can you?

Frustrated, you give in and return to your search results. The next dentist is quite a bit further away but you click on the link anyway to check it out.

Landing on this website, you immediately see a smiling fellow and a bright headline ‘Nervous of Dentists? We specialise in gentle dentistry!’  As the pain begins to shoot up into your tired brain, you start thinking this is more like it. There on the right some rolling testimonials catch your attention. Many people happily confirm how careful he is in treating those who are shy of getting their toothache sorted.

Looking around, there’s colourful images on his pages of pearly whites smiling happily at you and website copy which is crisp and engaging. He asks you questions which gets you surreptitiously nodding your head.  He reassures you some more that you are in the right place and then encourages you to click the online booking button.  Before you know it, you have an appointment for tomorrow morning. Imagine the relief that you can already trust that you will be well looked after by the friendly looking Dentist.

Keep on tweaking your website copy!

Regularly visit your own website – it’s your online baby so keep nurturing it! Make friends with it, learn how to update it if you don’t already. Tighten up the copy. Keep the sentences fairly short. Break up paragraphs into bite-sized chunks which are easier for the speed reader to digest.  Add headlines which resonate with your target market. Give reassurance, encourage bookings and assure them of your careful attention to their painful problems.

Most of all ensure your website projects your fabulous personality and showcases your passion for your community’s health.

I know you’re fun and sparkly in real life, so please do flash your most gorgeous smile too!