websiteYour website – you’ve had it for years. You never look at it. You don’t know how to update it. You don’t have access to the back of it. Your web designer takes forever to respond if you email about changes you want made. Your website is so old it isn’t ‘mobile friendly’.  Some SEO expert tells you he can get it to page one in search engine results for an astronomical monthly charge.  Meantime, Google just doesn’t seem to be able to find it…

Deep down you know that your website isn’t doing you any favours but it’s just such a pain to sort out.

Why a current website is crucial

Your website is your shop window and presents you and your service to the world! But if it is old and clunky it will not be doing you any favours at all and indeed it will be utterly useless. And if potential patients can’t find you easily online, you are losing out big time and therefore so are they.

With technology and the online world shifting so quickly into overdrive, it is crucial that every growing business also keeps pace. An ailing website is of no use to you.

Some stats to blow your mind!

This is just some of what’s going on in our busy online world every minute of every single day:

500 new websites are being created!

1.8 million Likes on Facebook!

204 million emails are sent!

278,000 Tweets are posted!

There are now over one billion websites out there!  So you can imagine that the search engines need to discount all the old, non-mobile friendly or static websites from its searches just to give it a chance of providing current and relevant results.  It’s all geared towards giving excellent user experience.

Eighty percent of all searches are now done on mobile phones or tablets. To improve our experience, Google will not list any non-mobile friendly websites as it is annoying to have to scroll backwards and forwards sideways in an attempt to read the page.  Old websites do not naturally adapt to the smaller screen.

Is your website dead and buried?

If your website was developed before around 2011, it is unlikely to be ‘responsive’ ie to adapt to different sized devices and still look and behave properly.  People landing on an old website are unlikely to stay therefore and will probably return to their search results to find something easier to navigate.

The search engines are also ignoring websites which are never updated. So if your website is just lurking out there somewhere and there is never any new content or updated pages, it will not be listed in results.  That is why it is so important for you to have access to the back of your website so that you can update information and edit the text.

Another crucial way of keeping your website current is to regularly blog. If you hadn’t already noticed, I write a blog every Tuesday without fail (except when I’m chilling out on a sunny beach!) so that is 50 pieces of new content every year. You don’t need to be quite so prolific but if you decide on a monthly blog, then I suggest you diarise that so as to remain consistent.

Every page and every blog post on your website then needs to be search engine optimised.  This means that Google’s darling little spiders can quickly crawl through your new content and list it!  Therefore you need keywords and meta descriptions on each page and blog post that ensure that people get relevant results to their search enquiry.

If all that sounds daunting, don’t worry!  It’s actually rather easy once you understand what you’re doing and how to do it.

Check if your website is responsive

Search on your phone for ‘Back pain in Mytown’ and see what the results are. Does your website appear in the results? Is it easy to navigate around?  Are the text and images all in line, sized correctly and the text instantly readable as you scroll through it?

If not, your potential patients will be unaware that you exist and it will be more difficult for them to find you and consider you as an option for their problem.  And that is a very serious issue for your Osteobiz growth.

Create your own Osteobiz Website!

I have hooked up with my friend and Website Goddess, Naomi Gilmour of Branching Out Online. She has created an online course geared towards creating, building and launching your very own website!  It may sound daunting but indeed I created one myself in a similar way a couple of years ago.  It was very, very fulfilling to do it and I actually preferred it to my then Osteobiz website.

In most cases you only need a fairly basic website with easy to absorb information, simple booking and decent search engine optimisation.  Your social media marketing is then complementary and congruent to that.

If you would like to follow along to Naomi’s online classes and create your own website, then we have something really special for you.

You will get full step by step training which you can access online for as long as you wish, a private Facebook forum where you can get techie help from Naomi and Osteobiz help from me so that you produce a cracking brand new fabulous and professional website.

And basically, if I can do it, you can do it!


Until midnight tonight, you can get this course and all of our ongoing support for just £197, saving you a whopping £100 from the usual price!  You can also pay in ten automatic installments on the same day every month if that helps your cashflow.

As with everything I do, your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.  If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.

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