zone of geniusThe Osteobiz phone has gone a little bonkers today!  So much so that, after a great networking event also today, I’ve suddenly realised that I entirely forgot to write my Tuesday blog!

Sometimes distractions can be a good thing though because the topic for today’s blog is Zone of Genius and I wouldn’t have thought of it had I not had conversations about this several times today.

So what on earth is a Zone of Genius?

Well one of my new Clients today mentioned that he finds it rather easy to treat migraines.  Now that is a cracking marketing opportunity because there are far too many people suffering with this debilitating condition which seems to strike nastily and unfairly.

But ask the general public if Osteopathy could control or improve migraine attacks and they would undoubtedly say it couldn’t.  And there’s the ongoing problem of not getting enough information out to communities about the extraordinary treatment that is Osteopathy.

Another lady who I met at this morning’s networking event said that her Zone of Genius was in swiftly helping people to overcome fears such as agoraphobia or fear of flying.  With a few sessions of EFT and therapy she could get them hopping happily on and off planes.

What is your Zone of Genius?

It’s a good idea to think about this as we all have a knack at doing something which others find monumentally difficult or complicated.  I also have Clients who excel in fixing frozen shoulders, settling stressed newborns or unraveling complex compression or trauma within the body.

Sometimes it is something that seems so easy to us that we don’t even realise we have that skill.  For instance my brain goes into overdrive when I hear of a Client’s business difficulties or expansion plans and I soon start churning out ideas and strategies for fixing problems and creating opportunities.  I just can’t help it!

And I’ve even got an eye for making dishes without a recipe, somehow being able to judge amounts so that the consistency and flavour is good.  I just sort of go into creative mode!

So thinking along those lines, what are you really good at doing?  Where is your Zone of Genius?

Spend a month marketing it everywhere!

Once you’ve got clarity on your Zone of Genius, market it everywhere for a month and see what happens!  Getting known for a specialism will do wonders for your reputation and people will readily recommend you when they hear of someone suffering with migraines for example.

If you know that the outcome you wish for is to attract more patients with those kind of issues, then focusing on that will bring dividends.  So pounding the social media streets religiously twice a day, writing blogs on the subject and sending out a ‘Did you know I treat this’ newsletter will work wonders.

I’d love to hear what YOUR Zone of Genius is!