bloggingI often extol the virtues of blogging but you might think that’s just because I’m a verbose old gal who likes to twitter on about Osteopathy!

But without my weekly blog, I know that the traffic coming to my website would be much, much less.  I look at my website stats most days (do you?) and whilst between Thursday and Monday they are pretty standard there is a surprising leap on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is blog day and almost without exception I publish a blog every week.  My stats go through the roof afterwards!  The same goes for Wednesday as people catch up with my latest post.

The way I do it is this.  On Tuesday morning I look at what’s happening on social media and see if something resonates with me.  Or I might think about an email I have received and something an Osteopath has said has which has caused me to reflect and I feel we need some further discussion on the topic.

So I write my blog, give it keywords, meta description and check it for SEO.  Next I publish it on my website and my social media business pages.  I then publish it on LinkedIn Pulse where it often gets featured in either  the ‘Health’ or ‘Business’ sections.

Blogging as the basis of newsletters

I use the blog as the basis of my newsletter, including the first couple of paragraphs and image and then I create a link back to the remainder of the blog article.  This also helps to generate huge traffic back to my website which in turn helps my search engine optimisation too.

Blogging in a consistent and persistent fashion creates the expectation amongst my regular readers that it will appear on a Tuesday.  The content is always geared towards the marketing of Osteopathic treatment and the growth of business.

The advantages of blogging

The main reason for blogging is that the search engines are particularly keen to see new content on websites.  It makes sense that a website which remains static and unchanging is not going to be deemed as current and up to date as one which is regularly updated, improved and added to.

Being found in relevant searches is critical to being part of a choice of possible treatments.  Many therapists of all ilks will not be blogging and therefore you can quickly gain an advantage by doing so.

It follows therefore that one of your blogs might be shown as a result of a search rather than one of your main pages.  It therefore adds to the possibility of being more easily found.

But one of the biggest advantages to blogging is that your status will gradually be elevated to that of expert.  The point of being seen as an expert is that people are more likely to trust you implicitly and come and try out Osteopathy.  It also has the huge benefit of allowing you to charge for your specialism without needing to resort to discounting to try and increase business and therefore profits.

And those are but a few of the reasons why Osteopaths should be blogging at least monthly!