Last Friday I hosted the Osteobiz Inspiration Day in West London. Usually I work online about 99% of the time which means I can reach and inspire the global community of Osteopaths, which is very important to me. However, one day a few months ago, I got a message from Walter McKone on LindedIn. He said, “Golly – how can I help you?” (Don’t you just love autocorrect?!) I was taken aback as I know that Walter is a highly respected Osteopath, Lecturer and Philosopher. I replied with something vague as I didn’t quite know what he wanted. He asserted, “Answer the question!” a couple of times until I said I’d sleep on it When the Universe/HIgher Self/Opportunity gives you a prod, it’s a good idea to notice and reflect on what’s possible. So many keep their eyes down, their possibilities limited and their life experience boxed firmly in. But when we open up to chance, opportunity, synergy, synchronicity and coincidence, we can explore further and decide if this is indeed the next indicated step in our lives. Being awake and open to these signposts can lead us to grow and develop within ourselves and our work. Walter’s nudge prompted an idea…

And so the Osteobiz Inspiration Day was born!

The day was planned to be a smorgasbord of tasty, bite-sized lectures and practical activities which were all designed to inspire and stretch the group. Once or twice I felt their resistance to moving outside their comfort zone BUT very quickly they embraced it AND thoroughly enjoyed the gentle challenge of it! We discussed video marketing, having a clear vision of our future lives, bringing extra tools to our skillset and thinking in a very different philosophical way.  At the end I shared several examples of Osteopaths I had worked with who were playing a bigger game.

This conference achieved what was promised – ‘Inspirational’. Such a friendly conference with inspiration from the talks, practicals and colleagues. Gilly loves to do things differently and somehow it works! Deborah Smith

Steven Bruce and Claire Short, Academy of Physical Medicine

Steven and Claire do excellent work in bringing us great CPD which is available online to suit busy schedules. Since I had the cutting edge idea for Osteobiz some 5 years ago, it makes sense to have even more opportunities to learn online. It saves on time, money and energy travelling to distant places and having to find childcare in many cases. It’s lovely to spend valuable time with others sometimes but easily accessing quality learning and CPD has to be a great resource. You can scroll down to watch Silva’s video recorded at my event and join the Academy here.

Out of the box and into Africa!

I’ve long admired Emma Wightman’s intrepid spirit, as I’ve watched her traveling to Kenya and treating the Maasai Mara people. As you might imagine, facilities are basic and the team work tirelessly to help as many as 400 people a day who queue up in the heat to get vital help. Emma’s presentation was so poignant and powerful that several in the room were inspired to look into joining Emma on her next trip in October. If you’d like to help, please sponsor Emma’s next trip here

Inspire with Yoga

After a hearty lunch, Anji Gopal, Osteopath and Yoga Teacher gave us clear insights into the benefits of adding yoga to the Osteo toolkit.  We could have listened to her reassuring velvety tone all day! She guided us through a few moves which  energised us after a spell of sitting and post lunch sleepiness. Dotted throughout the day I shared some new material around business development. But by the end of my afternoon session I had many powerful and inspiring stories to tell about some of my own Clienits’ brilliant succeeses. Between them they’ve created rapid growth, added in a rehab facility, developed a real community health hub and built a clinic which is so elegant and beautiful that I well up with emotion every time I look at it!

An eclectic mix of speakers kept us engaged. By 5pm I didn’t want the day to end… Juliet Richards

Osteopathy and the Philosophy of Empathy

Walter McKone’s talk on Osteopathic Philosophy soon had our jaws dropping as he sped us through the history of the great thinkers. He explored ways of changing our thinking and perspective and I’ll admit my head practically exploded! He demonstrated the change he could make in his treatment. Changing his intention via the touch on the shoulder of a senior Osteopath and she was clearly amazed at the greateer level of impact he could make. The entire room were left wanting more. At the end of the day, Team APM returned to share with us a video they had created for one of our group. We were all suprised at how powerful it was, after much of it was filmed whilst we had watched. The editing was excellent and Lucy came across as friendly and expertly skilled. Here’s another reason to join APM – take a look at the fantastic video here! My heartfelt thanks to all these speakers who helped me to create a superb day for our delegates! Also to my sons, Max and Toby, who dealt wth the tech, organisation and time-keeping!

Well organised event which captures your attention the whole day. You come away with lots to think about and even more to implement. Thank you Gilly and team! Karen Snowling

In conclusion, this room of Osteopaths were inspired to return to their Practices and play a bigger game! Shyness and confidence issues are huge within the Profession and it’s something I always tackle on my courses and in my VIP work. I’ve witnessed the struggling and nervous, develop and flower into the epic Osteopaths they were always meant to be. And that’s a superb goal for you too.  Helping more people in your community back to health. Helping them to feel empowered to take better care of themselves. Guiding them to live their lives with less pain and greater freedom is a gift and an wonderful path to be on. And if or when you decide to play a bigger game, it would be an honour to nurture you and your Practice to serve your community like never before. Meantime what can you do today to motivate and inspire your potential new patients to find their way back to health?