1:1 VIP Consultations

My passion is to work with an individual Osteopath, discover what isn’t working, where your challenges are and what nirvana is for you!

It’s always a satisfying process to take a passionate Osteopath on a journey from stuck to successful.  I find out what’s not working, analyse the issues and create a step by step plan of actionable tasks.

Those Clients who crack on and implement the changes find that they are quickly geared up to attracting more patients and building a far more sustainable business.

Adopting the right marketing techniques and strategies is essential to creating the optimum Osteobiz for you.

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Online Group Coaching

Working in a safe and closed Facebook group with like-minded keen Osteopaths, my help and support (and that of your colleagues) is available for as long as you wish.

The modules are housed online and are available to you for an unlimited time and are accessible on demand.

There are a variety of instructional videos, presentations and step by step tutorials for any aspects you’re not familiar with such as setting up social media etc.  In addition there are downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets, planners etc.

Content is all geared towards training you step by step towards creating the successful Osteobiz which is perfect for you.

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“I’ve learnt more from you in the last couple of weeks than I’ve done with a digital marketing company who I’ve spent a lot of money with”

Victor Meganetty


Whilst much of my coaching is delivered via online courses or through Skype calls, I do also love to get out from behind the Osteobiz HQ desk and come and talk to you in person!

I regularly present workshops and lectures to the Undergraduates at the London schools such as London School of Osteopathy, British School of Osteopathy and the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. I believe it is critical that these students get at least some direction in how to go about attracting a regular influx of new patients once they graduate and begin working.

Another regular fixture is the British School of Osteopathy’s Osteopathic Refresher weekends where 8 very different topics are covered.  My presentations are all about ethical marketing and great ideas for attracting patients without the hard sell!

I have also been invited to give talks by regional groups such as the Oxfordshire Osteopathic Network.

My signature talk is ‘Social Media Savvy’

If you’d like me to visit you and deliver some training, I would be delighted to have a chat with you about it.

Email me initially with your proposal or simply call me on 0788 736 7936.

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